Szumma #111 – 2018 21. hét

Az elmúlt hét legfontosabb/hasznosabb linkjeit szedtem össze.

.NET Core + ASP.NET Core + .NET

  1. ASP.NET Core 2.1 Goes RC: An Interview with Daniel Roth – Eat, Sleep, Code podcast
  2. Troubleshooting ASP.NET Core Performance Problems
  3. Migrating to .NET Core: NuGet Package Dependencies
  4. Setting ASP.NET Core version numbers for a Docker ONBUILD builder image
  5. #96 Steve Gordon, Http Client Factory in .NET Core 2.1 – no dogma podcast
  6. An Alternative Style of Routing for ASP.Net Core
  7. New In ASP.NET Core 2.1 with Daniel Roth – Eat Sleep Code Podcast

Backend + cloud

  1. Serverless with AWS Lambda and Scala
  2. Really Rest: Eliminating Documentation by Implementing HATEOAS
  3. 10 Reasons to Use Durable Functions


  1. Use PowerShell formatting features in your advantage!
  2. Intro to Cake: Cross Platform Build Automation in C#
  3. Non-trailing named arguments in C# 7.2
  4. TypeScript – A Tour of Generics
  5. New Features in C# 7.3

Eszközök + osztálykönyvtárak

  1. Visualize Code with Visual Studio
  2. Container Tooling for Service Fabric now available in Visual Studio 2017
  3. Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17672 available now!
  4. Google Kubernetes Engine 1.10 is generally available and ready for the enterprise

Metodológia + elmélet

  1. How to Get Better at Debugging – Syntax podcast
  2. Episode 131 – Can an agile team plan too much?
  3. Vision and Possibility
  4. Church encoding
  5. Separation of Concerns, Explained
  6. Akka.NET + DI + Testing Considerations
  7. On Mentorship


  1. Building a Number Plate Identification Service in 5 Minutes with Microsoft’s Custom Vision Service
  2. Introducing signed package submissions to
  3. Create WPF Application With F# And FsXaml
  4. Merge Conflict 98: Machine Learning for Space Exploration with Paige Bailey
  5. Things you should never say when interviewing for a developer role

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I'm a software developer, trainer, Microsoft MVP interested in .NET and related technologies. Currently mostly .NET Core, Docker, Kubernetes...

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