Szumma #45 – 2016 25. hét

Az elmúlt hét legfontosabb/hasznosabb linkjeit szedtem össze.

Szoftverek, kiegészítők

  1. Taking the MSTest Framework forward with “MSTest V2”
  2. Welcoming Reactive Extensions for .NET
  3. Angular RC2
  4. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14372 for PC and Mobile
  5. Android N APIs are now final, get your apps ready for Android N!


  1. Building REST services with ASP.NET Core Web API and Azure SQL Database
  2. I Was Wrong About TypeScript, Here is Why
  3. 10 Lessons from a Long Running DDD Project – Part 2 (Itt a Part 1.)
  4. Visualising the .NET Garbage Collector
  5. F# gotchas for C# developers
  6. Not All Beginnings Must Have An End
  7. 3 ways to spot if your controller is doing too much


  1. Microsoft Research
  2. Office Dev Show – Episode 34 – Getting Started with Bots and the Microsoft Graph
  3. Episode 110: What’s new at Xamarin With James Montemagno
  4. Using Youtube API with Xamarin Forms
  5. Using Foursquare API with Xamarin Forms


  1. The Search for a Proportional Font for Developers
  2. Welcome to Microsoft Flow: now more mobile
  3. Stop saying learning to code is easy.
  4. On the Road to Release: Redesigning Visual Studio Installation
  5. Forgotten (but Awesome) Windows Command Prompt Features
  6. Strengthening the Foundations of Software Architecture
  7. The .NET support black hole

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I'm a software developer, trainer, Microsoft MVP interested in .NET and related technologies. Currently mostly .NET Core, Docker, Kubernetes...

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