Szumma #103 – 2018 13. hét

Az elmúlt hét legfontosabb/hasznosabb linkjeit szedtem össze.

Akkor most sikerült kb. beérni magam! Legalább valami haszna is van a húsvétnak. Ja, igen, boldog nyulat! 🙂

.NET Core + ASP.NET Core

  1. Browser Link in .Net Core: A nice example of SignalR
  2. Enforce HTTPS correctly in ASP.NET Core APIs
  3. ASP.NET Core Resource Authorization with AuthorizationHandler
  4. Understanding the ASP.NET Core Middleware Pipeline
  5. Global Authorization Filter in .Net Core: .Net Core Security Part – V
  6. Ingyenes ebook: ASP.NET Architecture

Backend + cloud

  1. Differences between Azure Functions v1 and v2 in C#
  2. Create Service Fabric Clusters from Visual Studio now available
  3. SE-Radio Episode 320: Nate Taggart on Serverless Paradigm
  4. Improving Web Performance With Varnish
  5. Scalable and Performant ASP.NET Core Web APIs: Microservices – ASP, de igazából minden microservice-re igaz
  6. Using AWS Storage for Serverless Microservices
  7. Kubernetes 1.10: Stabilizing Storage, Security, and Networking, Kubernetes 1.10: an insider take on what’s new és Kubernetes 1.10 Delivers Stable API Aggregation
  8. Announcing Azure Service Health general availability – configure your alerts today
  9. Serverless Media Processing with Azure Container Instances
  10. Create Docker Container from Errored Container
  11. Regware ebook: Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook

Version Control

  1. Learning Git with Visual Studio #2


  1. A Bright Future for the Smart Client


  1. The Comprehensive Guide to JavaScript Design Patterns
  2. Nullable types arithmetic and null-coalescing operator precedence
  3. Announcing Rust 1.25
  4. Using Tuples for overriding Equality() and GetHashCode()
  5. Learning F# via some Machine Learning: The Single Layer Perceptron – F# nincs benne
  6. Announcing TypeScript 2.8
  7. A Proposal for Package Versioning in Go
  8. Episode #156: Python History and Perspectives
  9. Designing Data Objects in C# and F#

Eszközök + osztálykönyvtárak

  1. Python in Visual Studio Code – March 2018 Release
  2. The March release of SQL Operations Studio is now available
  3. Command line “tab” completion for .NET Core CLI in PowerShell or bash
  4. Dustin Campbell – C# Support in Visual Studio Code
  5. VSCode Extensions for JavaScript developers

Metodológia + elmélet

  1. Episode 325 | Trae Robrock – Automate Everything – Developer on Fire podcast
  2. SOLID Design Principles Explained – The Open/Closed Principle with Code Examples
  3. How to Condemn Your Microservices Architecture to Fail Before You Even Start
  4. Starting A Clean Architecture Example in C#
  5. The Maybe functor


  1. Episode 129: Graph Databases
  2. SQL Server Operations Studio – Where Does It Fit In?


  1. Pathfinding with Unity and C#
  2. When Psychology Meets Technology with Dr. Daniel McDuff – Microsoft Research Podcast
  3. Introduction to the Microsoft AI Platform
  4. Functional Geekery Episode 121 – Claudia Doppioslash
  5. Announcing the Second Edition of “Refactoring”
  6. Working from Home: Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Concurrency in .NET with Riccardo Terrell – .NET Rocks podcast ?
  8. Reading list 2017
  9. Calling all Desktop Developers: how should UI development be improved?
  10. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17634 for Skip Ahead
  11. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17133 for Fast

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